Adobe Flash menu into Unreal project

Is it possible to Unreal project to use the game menu created in Adobe Flash?

Sorry, no it’s not.

Well thank you.
Then a question.
Is it possible, when you press, for example, to esc button to send parameters to another external application using the Blueprint?

You might wanna check out this: BLUI Open Source HTML5/JS/CSS HUD/UI - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums

But dont use flash with it. But you can use HTML/JS menu’s and use that in UE4 with this plugin!


Scaleform is a middleware offered by Autodesk which allows you to use Flash to design menus. It’s integrated into UDK, but for UE4 you have to pay for a Scaleform license from Autodesk. They support UE4 but it’s not a part of UE4.