Hi everyone !

I want to share a game I have been working on lately : AdNox

Most of the development is centered around the procedural generation aspect of the game, creating procedural planets in a game is a daunting task but it really adds to have such a massive scale, the freedom of flying from planet to planet in your spaceship is a blast.

View from an explorer-type spaceship :

It’s still very much Work In Progress but I wanted to share the progress made with you and wanted to know what you guys think of it.

More information is available on my website

Very cool! Do you have an anticipated release date?

Thanks !
I don’t have a date set yet, there are still some bugs that need fixing before I can go for a release date.
That said I might release a playable demo in the coming months.

This is pretty cool. Glad to see what progress you have!

Will be following this, as any UE4 procedural planets projects that pop up lately :slight_smile: But, will this be strictly system for your own game, or maybe as asset of procedural planets too? Thank You.

Releasing the procedural planet tech to the marketplace is something I’d love to do but I’m facing some issues, one example is the fact that the planets are so large that the depth buffer doesn’t keep up and far clipping creates visible artifacts on the planet surface, that is something that can be fixed building the engine with 32 bit depth buffer or increasing the near clipping value but it’s tradeoffs that I’d like to bypass.
So it’s on my mind but I will definitely polish the system before actually releasing it.