AdMob test mode

So since GooGle doesn’t allow false impressions how are we able to test AdMob before releasing a project with UE4 (4.2.1). I know GooGle actively monitors false impressions meaning if I was to test my App with AdMob enabled in UE4 that chance for a banned / disabled account is pretty big.

Admob isn’t working properly in 4.2.1 (with bp). But does in 4.3 (for me anyway). You are correct, but as long as its not being actively exploited you will be fine, trust me. They have bigger fish to fry with fraud (the people who intentionally are doing hundreds/thousands of false impressions).

Worst case scenario, if you’re worried, wait till the game is 99% done then through it in in the last alpha /beta then add it in to test. Then publish. Epic made is silly simple to implement

Thanks I’m looking into the the alpha release now to see if I can get it working.

You’re right It doesn’t seem to work with 4.2.1 imho it’s pretty strange seeing Tappy Chicken was released on 4.2 and has everything working fine.