Admob Rewarded Ads without any plugin

UE4’s Blueprints system supports both Banner and Interstitial Ads, but I don’t see any option for Rewarded Ads even if it’s an ad format we can select in AdMob. Is it possible to implement Rewarded Ads in my Android project without use any plugin?

If it isn’t possible, how much extra memory will have the packaged version for a plugin like that ? (Mobile games shouldn’t occupy too much memory, that’s my doubt about add a plugin just for ads)

memory depends on the plugin itself,
and you might be able to create a system ingame where you reward the player if the ad is successfully shown

thank you for the answer, I read it but it didn’t really help me so I was waiting for other answers. The problem is that the blueprint system doesn’t even have a “Show RewardedAd” function.
I opted to use the plugin EZ Mobile Ads but if you start the game without connection and then you switch on it seems to not show ads, you’re obliged to restart the game… I will update if I find a solution.

Anyway, I still think that mobile support is missing massive things (not only ads but also multiplayer).

Hey, did you find any solutions for rewarded videos please?