Admob (or other services) for iOS

Sorry if this has been brought up in the past, but it seems super important now. With the discontinuation of iAds (and they are no longer accepting any apps into the service), iOS now has no built in features for ad’s of any kind. While there is some plug-ins out there (like the Universal Ad Plug In), I feel like having some ad provider built into the editor for iOS is important. Since Admob is already supported for android in Unreal, could iOS be supported as well? This seems like the next most logical choice in terms of adding a built in provider for iOS.

Universal Mobile Ads plugin supports iOS

Yes it does, and I stated that in my OP. The point is that Android supports Admob natively without any plugins or modifications at all, while iOS now has no support for ads at all (except iAd, but this ends June 30th).

Does no one simply care about this? Seems strange, especially considering all iAd support in the engine is pretty much obsolete now. Could at least warn people on the wiki or something.