Admob Interstitial advertisements


I don’t get why haven’t Epic integrated this into UE4 yet as for most people developing games for mobile devices this is why they still stay away from it.

I would like to know if any “experimental” integration of this is existing in UE4, and if it does, how could we use it?


i am stuck on this too, hope they do something asap for interstitial ads support


We can help you. Our plugin Universal Mobile Ads for iOS & Android is exactly what you need: Universal Mobile Ads for iOS & Android - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums It includes support for 15 ad networks (more coming soon) and Banners, Interstitials, Rewarded Videos. Plugin was released 2 years ago and was tested in many ways during this time. It’s stable, receives update every 1-2 months ,and we provide premium support.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

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