AdMob interstitial ad support

Is AdMob interstitial ad support planned for anytime soon?

I too would really like to know this, I’d to Imagine this should be high up on the priority list and ads is how most mobile developers will probably make their money

I guess I’ll have to stick to banner for now :frowning:

Howdy parabolainteractive and Teigaga,

I have just reached out to a fellow developer and have a bit of information on interstitial as support. At this time I am unable to say when this will be available. Android has quite a few stores and we only have support for Google play, at the moment. This is not saying that it will never be supported but at this point in time, it may be a little while until this is implemented.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks and have a great day!

See this Video working admob unreal engine simple method:

Unreal Engine Admob
See this video:


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