Admob help pls


I have been trying to implement admob to my app so I can have banner ads appear. No luck so far, Ive gone through just about every post I can find, but I must be missing something because its not working, and ads are not showing up. I have seen videos that are quite complicated… and others (from epic) which are very simple… neither technique has worked yet. My screen shots are attached here. I have filled in the Game App ID from the Game Services Tab on my account for that app. (is this correct??)

I have put in the admob banner ad id, and I have put in the license key from my dev page from services and APIs. I have put the Show Banner node at the end of my Widget that I show that I want the banner to be on top of (Level 1 screen)

Here is the link to the game:

Any ideas? I must be missing something somewhere! Thanks!!