Admin cheats

I have created a couple of new dinos and wish to be able to spawn them - however I am unsure how to add new admin cheats or where to locate the current ones.

Is this at all possible?

Say for example your new dino is “Rex_character_BP_Child” you summon it in game with “cheat summon Rex_Character_BP_Child_C”; Alternatively you can take a peek at a spawner inside Maps/TheIslandSubMaps/PersistentGameplaySublevel_DinoSpawns and make your own spawner in a test map.

Oh thats super easy! Will try it out

Sadly that did not work. I can manually put the dino in the level and it works fine but there is no way to summon one :confused:

Did you remap the NPC from the old to the new in gamedata bp and is your map actually loading your mod’s gamedata bp?

there is no old to remap - its an entirely new creature. Is this not supported? and yes, the other modded items function correctly so it is being loaded

Sorry to semi hijack for a second here, but Drathek, do you know how to fix it if it for some reason is NOT loading the correct GameData BP? I have it set correctly in the over ride on my genericmod_customname map. (If you do can you please PM me on here? Thank you)

And Tamaster92 I think you would just do the same command structure “cheat summon NewDinoName_character_BP”. But in order for it to actually spawn them in on the map you would need to do what Drathek mentioned.

Example cheat spawn command with Rex:

cheat spawnactor “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Rex/Rex_Character_BP.Rex_Character_BP’” 1000 0 0

The 3 numbers at the end are distance in front of you(x offset), y offset, z offset. This what you guys were looking for?

Works perfect! Does that work on live servers too?

No reason why it would be any different so long as you have cheat access.

Apparently not

this cheat -

works perfect in editor, doesn’t work at all in singleplayer. Even changing the cheat to admincheat or removing it entirely, doesn’t work :confused:

it worked - the mod failed to cook correctly.