ADK v210.1 now available

New dev kit available on the launcher!


hooray it’s finally here :smiley:

so like 2 days on the update on epic or did they bypass it finally?

Yay thanks guys!

Yay, thanks a lot! Now I can go mod my Pachys ;3

errm what do i do then? copethese files and replace old ones?

yes, copy and replace files :slight_smile:

Not to be a debby downer, but the whole “we’ll let modders get first crack” sounds an awful lot like “they get to do the hard part and then we’ll rip it off” >_>
Other than that, finally! Wish the epic launcher wouldn’t lag behind though.

EDIT: Uh, the dll files link results in a page not found. Are they optional with the google drive files?

You should be proud they use your version of the buggy, thanking them for allowing an opportunity for real involvement; that’s how I feel.

Was there any update to the SotF content or is the last SotF content update still the best to use for that?

Edit: Confirmed that updating via launcher solves the import issue.

You need to link your github account to your unreal engine account in your profile tab to have access to the github link.

Explanation video if you need it : ARK Dev Kit Lesson: Setting up (Updated) - YouTube

We still can’t use any of the free infinity blade assets from the marketplace.

Update is now available on the launcher.

By the way, why are we forced to download the files twice if we used the manual download? It’s kinda pointless that the Epic Games Launcher makes us to update the Devkit even if it’s the latest one.

Any plans to do something about that? Like instead of downloading just a simple verifying of files? Also a way to move the Devkit to a different drive without redownloading would be sweet.

I had made huge changes to The Island landscape SUblevel Map, over a weeks worth of landscaping and world/level designing lost because the update by some ****ing reason had to revert my changed Landscape map to its original state. No way to recover it I guess, if the devkit doesnt’ backup this things somewhere

An update to the devkit will overwrite base game files. you should always backup files you have modified before doing an update.

There should be an automatic backup made by the epic launcher somewhere in the ArkDevKit folder, find it and you may be able to find your modified map there.

Yes, I have been in the backup map folder, It has saved alot of maps, tho not the one with the most significant changes. It has saved 12 och the 13 maps I wanted, but the other twelve are only significant to the landscape I had created. I am in some kind of luck because I had exported my heightmap after half the work was done, so I can reimport my heightmap and redo some of the work.

is it just me or…

does the dev kit seem ‘less responsive’ sense the latest version?

seems things are loading alot slower now then with the previous dev kits.

I don’t have this issue, but if more people are like you we will warn the devs about the issue.