ADK Update Disk Space

Heyho everyone,
today i finished downloading the Kit, after using it for an hour, I restarted the Editor but there were an update available, well Ive a SSD 250GB, and I already deleted many things to get the req. space of “57GB” for the ADK (UE Launcher), now I tried to update but it wont let me due to the req. of 57GB disk space again, just to update it. That kinda sounds like its not updating, more like re-downloading the whole thing to replace it? I have a really crappy bandwith and small disk space, so I would appr. help on this one.

edit: deleted nearly everything from my SSD, now it Downloads 2,5gb. I guess this isnt working as intended.

Same thing happened to me.

Hey guys that seems to be an issue with the epic launcher, it wont download the whole devkit again but it will need the 57GB free space to start downloading at all.