ADK Testing Environments...

Can we get some explanation or alternatives to the testing environments the DevKit has?

Disabling Use Single Process causes various issues and has almost always crashed whenever I’ve tried to use it.

My workstation can run multiples of the client as standalone processes(it’s a 12c/24t dual-xeon with 48GB’s of RAM - now running a SAS RAID array for storage) but I can’t even get the **** thing running with a single standalone client running the editor as a dedicated server without crashes from the “server”.


I’ve actually picked development back up on ADKLauncher here so there will be an automated way to do this soon as well, but you can actually just cook the mod and then drop the compiled folder into your client mods folder. You can then run the mods in the actual client/server via commandline. The draw back to this is that you need to cook to test but you get the closest replication to being live there as well.

That’s a way to do it yes, but, realistically, it’s a development program, there should be an in-house means of obtaining accurate results that will give a much better picture on how a server will handle a change… and I believe that disabling the single process option and running clients as their own process in addition to the server is the means of doing that, but I’ve just not gotten everything to work successfully in even getting the environment running, hence this thread.