ADK test game not launching

I’ve tried to launch the test game in adk but it either takes so long that adk crashes or just freezes, is it my pc or is there something I’m missing?

Have you launched it before successfully?

I can launch the editor, but not the in-editor game. The software usually just freezes.

If you open the task manager on your PC, look at the memory and CPU readings. If they are fluctuating then the program is still running and you just have to wait for a while. Go watch a movie while it loads or something.

Will it always take that long, or is it just the first time launching it?

If you use the test game in the ADK twice in a row without closing the program it will only load slowly the first time. It needs to compile all of the shaders the first time you run it.

I got it to run, but why is my character always doing the run animation? it’s just annoying but I would like to fix it.