ADK : OnComponentBeginOverlap Event applied to Component Trigger Box is not activating Static Mesh

Hi all, passionate n00b here… And going slightly out of my mind from the subtle differences in ADK & UE4…

So to make this as simple as possible while describing the problem as best I can, I seem to be having issues creating functional OncomponentBeginOverlap & OnComponentEndOverlap Events that activate / deactivate a static mesh via vectors.

My plan is this : Have any character in ARK stand on a foundation, and the invisible TriggerVolume will create an Overlap Event triggering the simple up / down movement of a static mesh that has its location values defined within a Lerp, and over a set length of time via the timeline. I have tried so many ways to get this to work (replacing static meshes with skeletal mesh components, attempting to produce the same result within a Matinee Sequence, trying different BP structures, etc, etc) and am primarily following Unreal’s ‘automatic door’ tutorial HERE which hasn’t produced the results I’ve desired. In fact, it has left me with no idea about what I am doing wrong since I have followed this and many other tutorials to the tee with the same negative outcome.

3 days now, and I have gained no ground with this. Can’t complain about what has been learned in that time though.

It makes one wonder if this concept is possible, until one thinks of Structures Plus. Automatic Doors are completely possible within the ADK which I assume is a static mesh moved via a vector within SetRelativeLocation. Or am I missing something? Here is my BP and the collision properties of the trigger box for reference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For some extra information, I have set the “Z” location on the “Static Mesh Start” variable to 40, and to 300 for the “Static Mesh End” and have adjusted the timeline to suit the duration of animation desired. The aim is to raise / lower the static mesh through the foundation that the character is standing on, and for it to be triggered on / off by the action of the pawn’s overlap alone.

Does the order of the hierarchy within the components tab make a difference to if the mesh moves or not? I’ve tried many different variations of attaching components to other components - some resulting in the engine crashing when I go to place the object in the level simply from attaching static meshes on top of one another (3 static meshes + 2 component ‘collision’ boxes). But attaching the movable static mesh to either the base static mesh (foundation), or the Stasis Component doesn’t result in any difference for the job at hand, at least from what I can see. But perhaps that’s also a piece of information that may help debug the issue. I’m honestly drawing a blank.

Or have I completely misunderstood the way this works? I feel that this would be feasible… And by attempting and succeeding with that linked tutorial within UE4, and not being able to reproduce a slight variant of the concept within the Ark Dev Kit and the offered Base BPs, makes me believe that there’s something else I’m missing as the BP structure must be somewhat different in this regard, thereby rendering the typical programming ineffective.

If you want to move or rotate a static mesh, you need to un-check “Stationary Structure”.

Maaaate… You are a legend! How I missed that I’m not exactly sure - but that was the last nail in the coffin to get it to work. Kinda embarrassing TBH lol Thank-you Orionsun!