Adjustments to the Default Ark Material

Hey Drake

I appreciate your support of my Mod thanks =]

Can we get opacity maps and opacity values allowed to be added to the core material you guys made =] I’d love to be able to just use the material instances and still have glass transparency it would be neato, and a few people have already begun to ask when the mod will allow painting on the glass, mainly I just want to use a universal material instead of having to use different ones =p

I did tinker around with the core material, and not sure if I was just doing it badly but I only managed to get it to mask out parts of the textures, it seemed to only allow either 0|1 opacity instead of 0<->1.0f transparency =\ I could probably butcher the material and add it to my mod, but I’m sure more people are going to start appreciating opacity and glass with the introduction of vehicles and murder holes.

Thanks for your time =]

Out of curiosity, is your mod the one in the workshop with glass walls?

It certainly is =]

I need to figure this out, trying to get the lens on the tie fighter to be translucent with my opacity in the alpha for base color. as you said its 0/1 does ugly weirdness anything in between. I don’t want to have another mat just for the lens

Yeah that’s a good idea, we’ll go ahead and add Opacity Map support to the base Structure material :wink: