Adjusting walk speed of imported character

Hi I have managed to get the max speed of the regular character changed by keyboard entry but I’m not having any luck getting the walk speed to change on an imported character. I am using the free set of characters provided by Mixamo imported from the Unreal Library. I am adding in the highlighted blueprint section below so that when the number 1 is pressed it will increase the walk speed when its released the walk speed returns to 0. I’ve tried adding this script on the Mixamo Character Master Blueprint Script and also the Mixamo_Adam character Blueprint Script but neither changes have worked. Can anyone advise ?

Hi I’m really stuck on this and not having any luck. Any advice or feedback would be great.

You should ensure the character you are using is listening to player inputs (check out the Auto Receive Input is set to Player0).

Hope it was this.

Hi - thanks that helped but also I relaised that with Mixamo characters the character speed changes need to be made to the Mixamo Character Master Blueprint and not the Third Person Character Blueprint.