Adjusting Camera, Capsule Component etc

Guys I am checking Firstperson shooter in both C++ and Blueprint. We can see camera’s and capsulecomponent’s relative position in the blueprint viewport so that we can adjust it easily. However, in C++ it seems we have to adjust it manually? For example capsule size: GetCapsuleComponent()->InitCapsuleSize(42.f, 96.0f);

Can I ask is there a way adjusting these components place and size visually in C++?

The visual nature of designing by C++ comes through compiling code. If you update a value in your character’s C++ class, it’ll be reflected (visually), in the character Blueprint’s viewport.

For example:
You’ve created a PlayerPawn Blueprint, based on a custom parent class.
This pawn owns a CapsuleComponent.
You could update the capsule in the editor by tweaking those transform values or you could call GetCapsuleComponent()->SetCapsuleSize(42.f, 96.f), compile, and observe the change.

Does that make sense? Is that what you’re asking about?