Adjusting bones rotation for one anim

I’ve used Skeletal Mesh of 3rd person template and tried to apply to it one idle animation of 1st person template.
I’ve created “copy for another skeleton” and everything would be great if it wasn’t for the fact that imported animation plays with all the bones rotated 90° in the Z direction campared with original animations. Is there any simple way to adjust it? I tried playing with retargeting but then read something along the lines of “it doesn’t affect rotation, only translation”, but maybe there is a way?

Thanks, but what if I want to use some of the 3rd person animations and some of the 1st person? I mean, I want to adjust the mesh only for some of the animations.

Hi ClansFear,

The third person animation is intentionally positioned that way so that if you were creating animations where the characters faced each other the math for their opposite rotations would be more intuitive (ie. 0 & 180 vs 90 & 270 for starting positions.)

One way you can accomplish what you are trying to do is export the 3rd person skeletal mesh as an fbx, open in a 3D editor program, rotate it 90 degrees and then re-import it into the 1st person template.

Hi ClansFear

I had a little time to take another look at this… I was able to migrate our third person character assets into a first person project. I then retargeted 3rd person animations to the first person skeleton without having to adjust rotations. However, the animations were a little messed up; It looks like they could be fixed by retargetting the base pose per the documenation (bottom of page): [link text][1]


I came across this post looking for a solution to the same issue. I’ve got a custom character with about 10 animations where my character is facing forward, but with one or two where the character is rotated 90 degrees.

If I select the animation, select the character’s bone rotation and rotate him -90 degrees, the two will be correct, but the other 10 will be -90 from where they were.

Is there any way to rotate single animations within unreal, or will i have to get the animations into another program, rotate them, and then import them into UE4 from there?

If you can provide your file via dropbox I’ll take a look. So far I do not have any assets that have this problem, so it is difficult for me to test and provide an accurate solution. -Thanks.