Adjusting animation length in Persona? [4.7]

We can now record/create animations in Persona and we can add keyframes with the S key, but can we change the number of frames/animation length inside UE4?

Adding an animation via the Create Asset option gives you a single frame/0.033s animation, and the Record button basically gives you an imprecise “time until you hit stop” length, but that’s pretty much where it ends at the moment, as far as I can tell.

“Export to FBX and just edit it in your 3D modeler” isn’t really an option, because at the moment my only option is Blender and it mangles the data in new ways every single time.

I don’t know about version 4.7, but in 4.9 you can right-click the timeline and add an arbitrary number of frames by choosing “Append at the end” or “Append int he beginning.” Each frame is 0.033 seconds, i.e., 30 frames per second. (This might be adjustable by specifying a framerate somewhere; I don’t know.)

absolutely right, why do not accept it?