Adjusting animation for capsule rotation

My general question is how do I modify an animation to adjust for the rotation of the character capsule.

My setup. The character is driven by a Behavior Tree and is using the Moveto Task. The situation is the character needs to do a 180 degree turn (to walk in the other direction). I have the animation I need, character does a turn and starts walking the other way. Looks great in the ABP but not in the capsule.

Unfortunately I end up with a character turning two circles. the animation does 180 rotation and the capsule rotates.

For more background the character is using: Acceleration/Deceleration, braking distance/Friction and use controller desired rotation set to yaw 240 to get a smooth movement. Looks all fine with an animation that is designed for a turn in place but this more complex sequence is causing me issues.

I have access to Maya for anyone who has tricks to convert an original root motion animation to something that considers the capsule rotation as well as transformation.