Adjusting AABB for skeletal mesh

I have an issue which I outlined in [another post][1] where the weapon gets culled when partial outside the view.Now,I found that the AABB and BS do not wrap around the whole mesh as it is seen in the screenshot.

I didn’t find how I can resize and adjust the position of the bounds.I tried via physical assets but it doesn’t work.

Select the weapon mesh in the blueprint’s components tab, then search for “bound” and you’ll get 2 parameters, one of them is Use Attach Parent Bound. Enable that and it should fix the problem.

My weapon’s mesh is added dynamically.It doesn’t reside by default in the blueprint.Why there is no option to adjust AABB manually???It is ridiculous.

You still have a variable for the weapon mesh, right? Select that variable or the add static mesh actor node and you’ll still have that parameter i mentioned in details panel. What is AABB, btw?

Axis aligned bounding box :wink: No ,it doesn’t work.I don’t use static mesh.But skeletalmeshcomponent.I did enable that property on it and it still happens.

Alright, then you can create a physics asset for the weapon skeletal mesh if you dont have one already and make sure the bodies cover the whole weapon. Now it should render until the whole weapon is out of screen.

Can you upload a blank project with that weapon and character BP only that i can take a look?

Did that too. Doesn’t work.

Will try … I am not sure what files I need to zip.

"Migrate character bp " via file system or the editor?

Just create a blank project(with no starter content), then Migrate your character BP to that project’s Content folder and it will carry over everything it needs. Then zip that new project and upload to dropbox or wherever you are using to upload files.

Editor. Select it in the content browser > right click > Migrate > show the new project’s Content folder as destination.

@Jacky .I will tell you what happened…I have restarted the editor and the issue disappeared. For God sake the Epic dudes need to concentrate on bugs more than on new versions release.Thanks for help.