Adjusted animations look wrong when added to Blendspace1D

I created a character and rigged it with the Mixamo Auto Rigger. A marketplace plugin was then used to rename the bones correctly, add a root bone and adjust the default pose. I then re-targeted the basic UE4 SK Mannequin animations.


This worked, however the shoulders were in an incorrect “shrugged” position. To address this, I went into each animation and adjusted bone positions, keyed the changes and saved the animations.


At this point my animations look great, but they are still have the original “shrugged” positions when I add them to a Blendspace1D.

I have no idea what would cause this behavior. Why would a Blendspace1D retain old animation info? When you pick an animation to add to the Blendspace1D it looks correct in the preview window, but incorrect after it has been placed.

Any ideas on how I can make my adjusted animations look correct?