Adjust vertices in game

I feel like this should be the simplest thing ever but I haven’t found a solution yet. I’m trying to create a basic map editor like the old Age of Empires games had:

I want to be able to move vertices on the ground mesh up or down a certain amount when clicked on (and also be able to paint terrain). I could do it with individual tiles but that would be a lot heavier on performance.

I’ve thought about morph targeting and world offset materials, but I don’t know how to access the vertices.

Am I coming at this from the wrong angle? I’d really appreciate any thoughts.

Did you by any chance complete what you were trying to do and can share the result?

Afraid not!

It’s been a while, but check out “get section from static mesh” node, “copy procedural mesh from static mesh component”, and “make editable mesh” nodes. From the editable mesh, you can construct primitives - the get section allows you to dissect meshes.