Adjust RMB sensitivity on release

Hi! Very new to UE and I am having an issue with release of RMB after I have been using RMB+shift to move around. In UE5, the RMB can have a fast click+release to bring up an options menu or a “slow” RMB release after holding it for some time is also bringing up this options menu. The reason this is bothering me is when I am navigating with shift+RMB, if I let go of shift then slow release the RMB, this same menu comes up. This happens in any mode and really breaks my strides.

I am looking for the setting that controls this RMB. I would like to only use RMB for navigating and not have the RMB open this options menu.

TY in advance.

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So here is an update. The addition of middle mouse wheel to move the grid around in BP’s was the way to go. The second thing is that someone pointed out that the mouse could be going bad. Turns out, my Corsair RMB was going bad… Problems solved. :wink: