Adjust movement speed scale

I want to remake a game in UE4, which measures the speed of the character with values from 0 (standing still) to 522 (top speed). But when I use 522 as speed for my character in UE4 it’s too slow compared to the original. Since I want to work with the same values, if possible, is there a way to kind of rescale the movement speed values in UE4 so that 522 is faster, for example?


What unit is 522 in the original game? Centimeters or meters? 522 units in UE4 is 522 cm per second.

As far as I can tell, the unit is not defined in this game, but community people deducted, that 522 units in this game equal 522 cm as well. However they ‘feel’
faster than in UE4.

Create a new variable called Speed Scale in your character.

And add something like this to your construction script?

In that case all i can think of is the scale of your level may be off.