Adjust movement speed of default camera on blank project (Play Mode)?

Hi, I can’t find anything in the input settings that allows me to adjust the flying speed of the camera in play mode. In editor, I can hold right mouse and roll mousewheel to adjust horizontal and vertical axis speeds (WASD). In play mode, fly-through is way too fast. Thanks in advance.

Resolved. All I had to do was

  1. Open Class Viewer Window

  2. Add Default Pawn Actor to my scene

  3. Adjust Max Speed under Floating Pawn Movement.

  4. Create Blueprint from Default Pawn, named CustomPawn

  5. Compile and Save Blueprint.

  6. Edit > Project Settings > (GAME) Maps & Modes

  7. Under Default Modes, create a new game mode named CustomGameMode

  8. Under Selected Mode > Set Default Pawn Class to my CustomPawn.

Worked, after finding the add blueprint part at the bottom of the details panel and pressing apply :slight_smile:

I’d like to add that after creating the Default Pawn, if Auto Possess Player is set to Player 0 (the default player controller), then you don’t need to change any other settings apart from the speed. You can leave the World settings alone and you don’t need to create a blueprint for it.

Auto Activate is also needed, but it should be enabled by default.

The above info relates to version 4.9