Adjust FOV for correct ArchVis scale?

For architecture to look right, should I go for a wider field of view than the default camera FOV? What is the exact values for FOV to look right in architecture? The scale of the objects feel smaller even though they are correctly modeled.

Thanks in advance.

here is something:

The vision of the human being is defined by an oval shape approximately 170 ° in the horizontal direction and 150 ° in the vertical direction where the central zone is what is focused


The “boundary rectangle” denotes a field of good vision for delimiting the frame avoiding anamorphosis or shape deformation, comprised of an angle of 37 ° in horizontal direction and 28 ° in vertical direction, giving an aspect ratio approximately 3:8 (v:h)

There isn’t a one size fits all - 60 degrees is common.

I have the same problem in my projects, I model the scene in the correct scale “1-2cm of variation” and the global aspect looks… diferent. Like if i’m a giant xD