Adjust character pose to object

hello there,
I try to adjust a character so that he is sitting in a chair and holding a joystick. Should be a pilot. Is there a way to have the chair with you when creating the pose? At the moment it’s an absolute ordeal because the character is in the air within the animation editor. I don’t see what i’m doing.

Export the chair and use a 3d program like blender

There’s some functionality that is called Control Rig and it’s really helpful with pose character on static meshes and to animate characters in Unreal itself.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have now taken a closer look at the character tools in UE4 and am appalled how complicated and incomprehensible it should work in comparison to other programs and also had to find out that everything is very unstable. After numerous crashes of the editor, I have now given up on my project. Nevertheless, thanks again for the answers.