Adjust bitmap-material to 3D-model (move, scale, rotate)

Hi there,

I’ll get right to the point:

I want this (any) bitmap (png file) to fit onto the 3D-model. No problem in Solidworks, but after I export to FBX and then import in UE4, the texture is gone :frowning: and when I apply the bitmap to a material in UE4 and put that on the model, it looks like in the last picture.

The bitmap has to be moved, scaled and rotated on the 3D-model - but I have absolutely no clue how to do this in UE4 and didn’t find any info on that topic.
You are my last hope - lil’ help please!

  1. you have to uv map your mesh so that the texture get’s displayed right
  2. when it should always scale with the mesh, you will have to add this part to your material: You can find a similar setup in my foilage pack (the tree bark)
  3. to rotate a texture: How to rotate 90 degrees the Texture Sample? - UE4 AnswerHub
  4. move: How to move/align a texture/material on a static mesh ? - UE4 AnswerHub :slight_smile: