Adjust Audio Using UMG Slider Widget

So I have put many hours of research into this and I just can’t figure it out. There is no straight forward tutorial anywhere (at least I cant find one) that shows you from start to finish how to implement this. Could someone please be so kind to post a video on how this is done.

Basically I have a slider widget in my audio section of my options menu. I want it to be able to adjust the volume of a sound when the user changes the slider position.

I have tried storing a variable for the slider and tried to keep it stored in my game instance but im just having no luck.

Please I know this is something so simple and it will take someone next to no time to show me. I have a Uni deadline this coming Friday and this is the last thing I need to do to finish my interface design.

Thank you to anyone in advance.


I’m not sure of the current method used by others, but I had to make several C++ changes to handle this.
If you can’t find a purely Blueprint solution, let me know.

Hi Kris. Yeh i cant find a blueprint solution but would be clueless when it comes to C++. Would it be something that is easy enough to follow? Thanks

@Bowwers It requires a custom GameUserSettings class and a few config files changes, depending on how many sound classes you have.
e.g. Master, Sound Effects, Music & VOIP

This is an inappropriate section to post a bunch of C++ too.
Please PM me with an email address you’re comfortable using and I’ll .zip up the class & example config files.