AddOnLoginStatusChangedDelegate_Handle never trigger

I’ve added the call-back for the login status changed.

	if (OnlineIdentityInterface.IsValid())
		OnLoginCompleteDelegate = OnlineIdentityInterface->AddOnLoginCompleteDelegate_Handle(GetControllerId(), FOnLoginCompleteDelegate::CreateUObject(this, &UKLocalPlayer::OnLoginComplete));
		OnLoginStatusChangedDelegate = OnlineIdentityInterface->AddOnLoginStatusChangedDelegate_Handle(GetControllerId(), FOnLoginStatusChangedDelegate::CreateUObject(this, &UKLocalPlayer::OnLoginStatusChanged));
		OnLogoutCompleteDelegate = OnlineIdentityInterface->AddOnLogoutCompleteDelegate_Handle(GetControllerId(), FOnLogoutCompleteDelegate::CreateUObject(this, &UKLocalPlayer::OnLogoutComplete));

I don’t know why the event is never triggered.
When logged in the function UKLocalPlayer::OnLoginStatusChanged() is never called.
I cannot found where the event is broadcasted.


What online subsystem are you using? It depends on the platform, but there may be something missing from one of them.

OnLoginComplete should trigger with Login()
OnLoginStatusChanged should trigger with Login()/Logout() and any time the platform detects a disconnect. Depending on the platform, that may not be easy/obvious.

The NULL interface isn’t quite as robust as some of the others and may not try to handle everything like the others should.

I’m using the NULL interface. I’ will check why it is not triggered.

Effectively it is not triggered.

As you have TriggerOnLoginCompleteDelegates function, is there a function for the status delegate as TriggerOnLoginStatusChangedDelegates ?


I finally added TriggerOnLoginStatusChangedDelegates(LocalUserNum, PreviousLoginStatus, LoginStatus, *UserId);
in Login and Logout to trigger the event.