Additive morph target value clamping

Hey everyone,

I just posted a thread in the feedback section because I’m fairly sure there is no built in solution to this, but I figured i’d still pick your brains about that particular issue, in case anyone has a clever idea or workaround that I may have missed.

Basically there is currently no way to clamp morph target values, resulting in values shooting over 1.0 in certain additive animation setups.


How would you guys handle that kind of stuff ? I can think of some workarounds (baking the blinks in the squint anim…) but none seem very elegant or versatile/modular enough…

Thanks in advance for your input! :slight_smile:

Get the current squint morph target value and subtract from the blinking alpha.

ie remap the squint value from 0-1 to 1-0.5 and set that as the alpha of the blink

Or, just filter the final value in the animation BP with a manual clamp…

That would work if the squint pose was composed of a half blink+another morph, but that seems like a nonstandard way of doing facial animations. Normally squinting and blinking are discrete morph targets which can overlap.

Any morph is still a curve. However i don’t known how the value works on additive, it would stand to reason that extracting it and re-applying it after a clamp on tick should work…

see 25.40 onwards.