Additive locomotion

I’m trying to create animation system, using base weapon pose and additive locomotion, like epics described in one training videos about Fortnite.

I have a problem so maybe you can help me.

So, this system uses simple 1 frame base weapon poses for upper body, and regular 2D blendspaces for lower body.

And as I understand, additionally it should add locomotion part to the upper body, to get secondary motion on it.

But it looks like it’s impossible to use 2D blendspaces as additive. I found Additive Settings in my movement blandspace, and set weapon pose as base pose to it, but it won’t work. Character model is just scarely deformed.

So, maybe you know how it’s should be done?


Ok, solved by creating regular blendspace with regular animations, but then converting animations to additive.