Additive bug?


Ok been pulling my hair out.
On a new project using 4.10.3 i create an aim offset. But when i use mesh space as the additive then i can add the poses into the aim offset. However the character explodes and looks completely warped.

I want to experiment with additive local space instead but it does not allow me to add anything that is local additive. It allows one pose to be added but shows the basic ref pose. Not the preview pose i selected. When i try to add a 2nd pose then i get a warning that you cannot use poses of different additive settings. However they are both using local space. Ergo the same.

Can someone please point out what i am doing wrong.
i am starting to wonder if those assets have issues.

considering its working fine on my custom skeletal mesh.


ok so after more investigation i am pretty sure the issue is that the animation starter pack from Epic is not compatible with the new mannequin :frowning:

Same results with the standard mannequin. Hero TPP skeletal mesh works. Bit gatvol now.

So it turns out if your blendspace or aimspace is not yet populated by a minimum of 4 poses then you get that warped preview. Only after you added more than 3 poses does it magically show up correctly.
a Note saying “do not be alarmed if your preview is corrupt at first” would have been really really awesome.

Had i known this would i not have redone my rig three times. Exported every Epic animation i can get my hands on to test scale values on each bone numerous times. I swear…
Probably just angry at myself but guys… please consider adding a note. Mkay. Thx

Please add a note on this so some other poor sod dont freak out like i did thinking everything is broken

Thank you so much. I had this exact problem with adding aim offset. In the end, I just just junked the project as I couldn’t work out how to fix it.