Additive Animation Type from BlendSpace DOC Note?

I am trying retarget owen’s aim offset to the side scroller hero.

I managed to retarget everything, samples first, then aim offset. Problem is editor won’t let me add the animation samples to the blendspace saying i can’t mix. I found the note in the docs saying the Additive Animation type must be in Mesh space and i need to set it to “AAT_RotationOffsetMeshSpace” but i do not see that option. I am looking in the Anim Asset Details under Additive Anim Type and Ref Pose Type.

For an aim offset, each anim sample will need to have the Additive Animation type dropdown to ‘Mesh Space’ and the setting for Ref Pose Type will be determined by how the samples were authored. Ref Pose type specifies what the anim sample should be additive on top of. So, for an aim offset, you would want all of the samples to be additive on top of the default aiming forward pose. So, use ‘ABPT_AnimFrame’ and specify the forward sample (I think in the example content it is labeled ‘CC’ for Center Center) as the reference animation. This is also true for the center anim sample itself. The additive settings on that one should be the same as the others. It will just use itself for its base pose.

It can be a little tedious to go through and do this for each anim sample; fortunately, you can select all of the aim offset anim samples in the content browser, rt-click, and select Property Matrix. The Property Matrix allows you to edit the settings on multiple assets at once. So, you can set those additive settings in there for all of them simultaneously.

Ah perfect! Thanks! The AO animation sequences are modeled after an idle pose for Owen, so i had to set that as the reference pose. Seems to be working. Contra Remake!!! JK :slight_smile: