Additive Anim Type cancels Enable Root Motion

I would like to apply additive animation to root motion character animations. The additive animation also involves lower body bones used for locomotion - I’m not just adding upper body animation with the additive layer. Think of the additive layer as modifying the character gait.

Since the base animation has been configured in Persona to use Root Motion it seems that each additive layer would also need to be using root motion.

However setting the additive animation sequence’s Additive Anim Type to Local or Mesh Space causes the Root Motion setting to be cancelled in Persona. So it appears that an animation created to be a additive layer can’t be both additive and root motion enabled - which strikes me as a bug.


Hi DavidBN,

Would you be willing to send along an example project for this issue? Sorry for the late response on this. You can upload it to drive, dropbox, etc and PM me the link.


Hi - just didn’t want to leave this thread hanging. I sent the PM a few days ago.

Hey ,

I got your project. Root motion appears to be working for me with both Local and Mesh space. What engine version are you on?


4.7.6 and 4.8 Preview 2. Again the issue here, and a minor one at that, is that SkiADD when viewed in Persona will only animate in place if Root Motion is enabled and Additive is None. Switch to Local or Mesh space and the character will start moving across the floor.

Hey ,

Sorry for the confusion. I see the issue now and have entered UE-16130.

Thanks for reporting this!


Hi ,

This should be fixed as of the following change:

Hopefully this should be released as part of 4.8
Let us know if you have any more problems with it!