Additional Windows Cause A Performance Hit

Has anyone else noticed that having any additional windows open (message log, content browser, etc.) causes a performance hit? No matter what it is, it seems to cause about a 10-12 FPS hit on my computer. (Which is a Threadripper and a 3090)

I like to keep those up, but that perf hit is pretty notable.

Yup, that’s Slate. Even having separate tabs in the main window that aren’t rendering anything causes a performance hit. UE4 and 5.

But if you want to PIE without too much performance penalty you can minimize the editor after opening PIE in a new window or just use Standalone.

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Standalone might have to do. In order for the Blender->UE tool to work, that option to throttle performance when the editor is minimized has to be turned off. Thanks for the tips though, it’s good to know what it comes from. (Or maybe I’ll just toggle that option on and off depending on what I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue: )