Additional UI

what are your recommondations for creating a additional UI?

a radial menu with certain functions.

something like the whistle radial selector BP linked to a certain Keyboard shortcut.

do i need to do heavy remapping of shooterhudBP/testgamemode/primalgamedata?

or is there a simpler way?

thank you URBANSEE
this tutorial is great.

i now can invoke widgets as expected, by pressing a button or what ever!

what i don’t find out is how to have a radial menu when not doing multi use at a structure, but by pressing a button.

i don’t find a widget template for that. and don’t see where to define it’s entrys.

the multi use widget which is in the game folder does more look like a textbox thingy, not like the multi use radial menu.

how is that done with the whistle menu? which blueprint/widget is fired when you press/hold the whistle button?

As far as i know the radial menus are not widget driven. I think they are drawn through the HUD, the blueprints for them are linked in the ShooterHudBP.

My guess is that you are gonna have a harder time getting this to work with the ark radial menu system than building a menu of your own in a widget, where you have full control over everything.