Additional Structure Engrams lost on every server restart


I’m adding items into the additional structure engrams and they are loading into the item correctly but every server restart they get removed and I have to remove and re-craft them to get the items to show again.

Any ideas why this is happening and if I can stop it happening?

Thanks in advance


Anyone got any ideas?

Something doesnt look right for sure, but let me get mine updated and fired up and ill screenshot mine for you. I could be wrong tho.

Looking at only modified properties:

I could be wrong but Im pretty sure you don’t need to add your new fabricator to that list. Also, the way you have it set up it looks like the new items you added would be craft-able in the old fabricator as well the new one. Maybe that’s what’s buggin it out. Trying to override 2 different items with the same items? Your fabricator & new item engrams need to go in the “additional engram blueprint classes” section and all your new items that are crafted in it go into that structures primalinventory_BP.
Unless you already have the new fabricator on another mod and are trying to override it with a newer version.

2 totally different things here. His items are under “Additional structure engrams” which is where you put new items that you want to be craft-able in a crafting station such as the fabricator.
Your screenshot shows “Additional structures to place” which is where you put new items that need to be placed like walls or a new fabricator and such.

Ahhhh. See, even I am still learning.

BTW P0k3r, it seems like the red and yellow drops with better beacons have been nurfed? Can you PM me with some insight?

Thanks for all the info here.

I have created two child version of the vanilla fabricator and use the vanilla inventory so that new items get added from dev patches without the need of me having to update the mod continuously.

Everything works as it should - as in the items are added to the inventories correctly it’s just that they seem to disappear on server reboots, if you pickup and place them back down they re-appear.

I’ve added my engrams and structures in the correct places all I’m trying to do here is add my items to the vanilla fab + my two new fabs.

I think I’m just missing some kind of setting to save it on restarts - it’s just trying to find out what, I may have to do it with the graphs instead and see if it fixes it

Anyone got any other ideas for this as I’m still having the issue?

Sorry about the necro, but I’m seeing this issue in June 2018. Everything fine… but when server reboots non-engram crafting blueprints disappear .

By that I mean, if the craftable item was learned via an engram unlock… it’s ok.
However, I have some resources that should always be craftable (think gasoline in a forge)… but these items don’t show.

Workaround is to pick and drop the structure again… but I figure there is something in the inventory blueprint that is not set or initialized after a reboot (but is done on a placement).