Additional spawn entries.

Does anyone have an idea as to why this isn’t working?


What spawner is it added to?

This is additional NPC SPawn entries in PGD file. I have these connected to every island spawner.

More informaton is needed. What do you mean by “this isn’t working?” is it not cooking? Other error? Dinos dont spawn in game?

You added these new dinos to every DinoSpawnEntries on the island? Else they will only spawn where the SpawnManager has that specific DinoSpawnEntrie linked to it. The most common ones used on theIsland is dinoSpawnEntires_beach and probably dinoSpawnEntries_jungle.

Are you sure these dinos work at all? Have you tried spawning them using console command? You could try adding a dino that you know shouldn’t spawn notmally(like a SE added dino to the beach DinoSpawnEntries) to check if its your settup or the dino.

had same issue with child spawns after update 252. was fine the 7 months before that. -!!!

Basically what happened was this; Initially i had made an additional NPCSpawn container. I added 1 single dino to that entry.

After adding 200 or so custom dinos, i loaded up both the island & the center and tested all of the spawns. They were working correctly. (All dinos were able to be summoned & spawned in the wild through the containers).

I wanted to clean up my PGD file a bit so i went back through the Additional NPCSpawn containers and set the dino variations in groups. (ex; “Raptor” has 4 variations of the base raptor. So i named the entry “Raptor”; then i added all 4 custom raptors to that spawner) like the picture above

After finishing this up and loading the island; NOTHING will spawn organically through the spawners AND they can’t be summoned via commands. So i reverted my changes, and put them back as 1 dino per entry; yet, i’m still having the same issue that they won’t spawn organically or via commands now. I’ve doubled checked all dinoentry files, my PGD is overriding in world settings, mod is loading first…literally have absolutely no idea why none of it is working now.