Additional skeletal mesh on runtime

in Persona I see option “Additonal Meshes” where I can add new meshes to my character. What I want to achieve is add meshes in Blueprint on runtime, for example new clothes… Is it possible? If no, is any other way to change clothes during gameplay?


I have yet to jump deep into UE4, but what you’re saying sounds very similar to what’s in UDK. In UDK meshes was added with ParentAnimComponent, if I’m not mistaken, and there should definitely be something similar in UE4. I remember there was a discussion regarding MeshCompositing here on the forums. (which combines meshes to one rather than having several meshes move in tandem)

See if you can find something on the subject of ParentAnim, maybe they changed the name in UE4. Considering how powerful Blueprint is this feature should, hopefully, be exposed.

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