Additional plugin features

I’ve been searching for ways to achieve some things that seem to be impossible right now. Like custom post-process anti-aliasing, and alternative PAK compression methods. I have found nothing on either of these things through hours upon hours of googling. Even plugins can’t seem to add these things currently. I would love it if they could though. I hate being limited to either blurry FXAA, or TAA with blur/ghosting if I want to use deferred rendering. I also hate being limited to the old and outdated Zlib, deflate compression, or pony up for expensive Oodle compression. As an indie, I can’t afford that.

We need the ability to add/change more aspects of the engine through plugins. And these two features would be a good step in the right direction.

Or, you know, add Zstandard compression and maybe some SMAA support officially.