Additional payment options

Hi guys,

am I the only one who is wondering why there are only credit-/debitcard payment options?
I’d like to see some more.
The reason why I’m asking: I’m german, and in Germany as well as in Europe, the use of a credit- or debitcards isn’t that common. I don’t have any of those cards and there is no reason for me to get one. It would be great if there would be a paypal, or a direct debit option. I’d even pay some extra money for compensation the paypal fee.

I really would like to support such a great engine, but for now, there is no option for me to do that. :frowning:

Is anything planned like that?

Best regards,


Hi Edregol,

Thank you for your question, I believe that our billing center may be the best to answer your question. If you do not mind, please email and they should be able to assist you further.

Have a great day!

I will do that, thank you for your quick reply. :slight_smile:

We’re actively working on accepting more forms of payment across the world, but I’m afraid I don’t have a clear timeline other than stating that the online backend guys involved in this are working feverishly on it.

BTW, I’m German as well and can relate as the only time my parents use a credit card is when they visit me in the US :slight_smile:

Cool, i’m german too. And you anwesered my question that was in my mind :slight_smile: So my email i’ve sent the billing 10 mins ago is useless now.

Good to hear that you guys are already working on that.

Glad that someone gets my point :slight_smile:

This is funny, I’m from Poland (right beside Germany, so hi there guys :wink: ) and I’ve already tried 3 VISA cards: one credit card, one VISA payway, one VISA debit card and none of them worked… I’m out of options. I use one of those regularly for international and Paypal payments and this is the first time I can’t spend money when I want to…

Same here, for me it’s also the first time (in my life) that i cannot purchase something because my credit/debit card is not supported by a website
only thing left to say is shame on you Epic, how can you do not have a paypal or other international payment options?

I wouldn’t put a shame on Epic, since you know… they gave the Whole Thing. But Epic made a bad choice when choosing payment processor. I hope they will soon solve those problems, but… gosh, was I disappointed…

Well, there are no payment options at all if you live in Asia (apart from Japan). I really want to give Epic my money, but they won’t take it. :slight_smile:

Will Prepaid VISA cards work?

Yes, we have some developers successfully use prepaid Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.

I have a master card, and using it for internet purchases regularly, but i live in indonesia and in the subcribe page, says “indonesia coming soon” can i still purchase the license?
2. I want to purchase 20 seats for team through one credit card is that doable?
3. Would you Please make the update for the 1 master account for multiple seats available ASAP

Hi Everyone,

Additional payment option are in the works, please bear with us while we attempt to get this situated! Thank you for your feedback.

Have a great day,


Please use paypal! It’s easy, practical, fast, secure, international, popular…
why using credit card for digital international selling? I’m actually surprised that you did’n use paycheck method :wink:

please make it fast.


HI Yosy79,
Unfortunately Indonesia is currently not on the list of countries that we can support.
I am Indonesian, so naturally I am very bummed about this.
We are working hard to support Indonesia.

You can use the same credit card on multiple accounts. I recommend you notify your financial institutions so that they don’t block the transactions.

We will add your request on having master account to support multiple seats to our backlog.
I am guessing this will be high on the priority list as there are others that are asking for it too.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Well, I’m tired to throw my money at my monitor! But it doesn’t work!
Now I’m trying send it by my dvd drive bay, hope it works!:cool:

Hi Junaili Lie,

Can you show me where you post list of countries that you are supporting? I think it’s very convenience for everyone that from around the world to update supported countries. :slight_smile:


any news about the additional payment options yet or any kind of roadmap or schedule?


Hi Quang Tram,
Apologies for the late reply. Somehow I missed this.

This is a great idea. Thanks!
Let me bring this up to the team here.