Additional Non-Asset Directories To Copy not copied on iOS?

For some reason the directory and the content of it I have listed in “Additional Non-Asset Directories To Copy” are not copied when I’m deploying to iOS.
This is a critical issue for me as I would like to bypass Unreals file system when accessing the files.

I’m guessing that this is a bug?
Is there any workaround?


Could you please send me your output logs from your project in 4.10 and also attempt this in 4.11 and provide those logs as well.

Thank you!

Attached 4.10 output log.
Trying to get 4.11 to build and deploy, but getting a weird error there. (But from what I can tell the issue still applies, as the 50Mb of stuff I threw in the folder that should be copied along, well, the file size in binaries is not 50Mb larger.)

[link text][1]

85777-export_4_10.txt (311 KB)

Connect: Couldn’t Start AFC service\

Try disabling the wifi on your iOS device, unplug the cable and plug it back into your device and then redeploy your project.

If it helps I can give you the entire project? Working on testing 4.11 again now. (XCode update seems required, update on that, for some reason the app store doesn’t want to update my xcode…).
However should the build directory’s .app, .ipa or the other file change in size based on the additional assets that should be copied along? And is there any way for me to check if they have been copied that far?

Yes, you can provide a link to download your whole project. If you’d like for it to stay private, just link it to me through a private message on the forums.

I noticed that using the additional non-asset directories to copy cause the .ipa to be larger. Mine for example went from 326MB to 370MB. That’s how you can know that they’ve been copied into the .ipa.


I’m having this problem too, on 4.11, “Additional non-assets directories to copy” are not copied. You can check if the assets were copied using Xcode with your device plugged, in the Window menu → Devices → Select your device → Select your game → Click on the gear → Download Container. This will download the sandboxed folders of your game that UE4 sent to your device.

I’ve been doing this and I think I MIGHT have found a temporary workaround, (excepts its kinda not working, not sure what’s wrong tho).
On iOS don’t use copy, but package, and the non-assets will come along.
I’ll double check that my .ipa file is 50Mb smaller when I don’t have 50Mb of ogg files along for the ride. And IF they ARE copied along, what is the path I need to use to access them?

Hey ,

I found a Feature Request that seems to be what you’re asking for. UE-26798 has been entered in so that you have the option to use a file path that references files when using the non-asset directories to package. This feature request is currently backlogged. Please check back in the future for additional updates.


“Backlogged” means it likely won’t happen anytime soon I’m guessing?
If so, how do I work around this? (Without modifying unreal source as I’m creating a plugin.)
I also looked at the thread where this issue seems to have been created. And that issue is quite different from mine. ( Unable to package loose files in Plugins - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums ).
They are talking about DLC plugins, I’m actually placing my files in the “Content” directory.

Backlogged means it’s been put behind bugs and/or other feature requests that were more pressing than this one. Feature requests typically wouldn’t have priority over a bug, especially a major one within the engine.

The reason that this report would be related is because it would allow you to access the files, that’s ultimately what this is asking for. When you copy or package the additional files into your project, you can’t really get into them as easily. For instance, iOS projects package into .ipa files.

However, if I have misunderstood exactly what you’re looking for, please feel free to let me know that information so I can correct that. :slight_smile:

Just to verify again, I did use the additional non-asset directories to copy function for an iOS project. When using that feature, my .ipa went to 303 mb, when I did not select that feature, the .ipa was only 291 mb which means the additional files were copied into the project.

After further investigation, I could not find a way to bypass the Unreal filing system. I can enter a feature request for this if you’d like, if you still feel that this is not the same request as UE-26798.