Additional Item Index

I want to add items that cannot be made and can only be spawned in by admins, I cannot seem to find the additional item index.

There is no array, presently, for that. There is a syntax for spawning from BP’s but I do not know it… someone else here should be able to provide it should they know it.


The syntax is no problem, if you have the editor all you need to do is right click the blueprint in the editor and copy reference, but how are people( if they are ) adding items without modifying the master item list. From what I understand you need to attach the items you make to the primal game data BP in some form, how do I do this?

Editing the master list will not do anything regarding normal gameplay, as items are referenced by name. The IDs only matter when using admin commands.
By this logic, I would assume that you don’t even have to “attach” any modded items to the PrimalGameData. All you really add with the whole “additional engram” thing is a way to obtain items (there are other ways).
The commands are:
GiveItem “Path” “Quantity” “Quality” “Blueprint Boolean” to give them to yourself.
GiveItemToPlayer “PlayerID” “Path” “Quantity” “Quality” “Blueprint Boolean”. The “Player ID” is the Steam ID (I think), but I’m not sure what the “Path” is. Try “Mods\MOD_NAME\FOLDERS\ITEM_NAME”, as that is how the DevKit cooks files. Obviously, only the “Mods” folder is common to all people, the rest is as you named/placed it.

If I were to add them to the master item list, how would I go about doing so while trying to keep the BASE intact. I want to be able to add the items to my server, but keep the BASE intact so if they update the game adding more items, I won’t have to wait until the ADK updates. I have the BASE parented but the last time I tried this, even after the update to allow it the items were not in-game (the new items they added).

Like I said, the master list only matters for giving items IDs, and then using said IDs for admin commands. Editing it will not remove, replace or add items to the normal gameplay.
Editing the default engram list may, however, hinder your ability to access new engrams as they are being added. But you can just use the additional list.