Additional Game Log Information

My goal is to add/create a log that will contain information related to the death of a dino.

As of now, the logs simply tells you the time, level of dino, name of dino and type of dino. I’d like to obtain the pets location upon death, the pets stance and, if possible, the name of the last player that gave the pet a command. This extra information that I would like logged does not have to appear in-game in the chat or tribe log. I just want admins to be able to see this information server end.

I have been sifting through all the tutorials available on the forums looking for something that could steer me in the right direct resulting in failure.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? :slight_smile:

Much Appreciated!

Quite a lot of information is not exposed, and it would be highly probable that players interacting with a dino would be part of that information.

You would probably need to add your requests to the list and hope that the devs find time/interest to add access to that information. But at this point looking through information available they are not mentioned or talked about.

That’s the feelings I got after reading Logs and the need for exposed code.

The post is pretty old. There is a “print to gameplay log” node now that lets you write a string to the log from blueprint. We are able to get the information you want, but you have to trigger writing the information from somewhere. That’s the more “problematic” part if you wan’t to keep you mod stackable(no core files edited or total-conversion). As for stackable options i can only think of making a admin spawnable actor/structure that periodically checks if there are any newly tamed dinos and then binds an event to “on died” that writes the information to the log on death.