Additional character collider for explosions only

Hello everyone,

I’m making a simple puzzle game about rocketjumping. In the phase of prototyping I ran into some issues, and I’m thinking about ways to resolve them.

My primary problem is - using a default Third Person Template character, I have a capsule collider handling all physics, along with collisions and explosions. I would like to have a bit different collider for explosions, to propel my character more upwards ( like this sphere: ). Unfortunately, collider like this is completely ignored by the engine, probably because of collision hierarchy.

I was trying to fiddle with collisions mapping on the root capsule, on the sphere itself, to put sphere under different parents (mesh, root capsule), and I played with RadialForceComponent > ObjectTypesToAffect. All with no effect.

Is there an easy way to use Character and still have an alternative collider handling explosions?