Additional Blueprint & Material node functionality suggestions [general use]

I am curious if there is any development in the near future towards adding additional functionality to the general use of Blueprints & Material nodes where user efficacy is concerned?

For example,
Blender has a collection of pretty awesome compositing nodes tools like the reroute node as seen in action here & here

you can also find a collection of GIF’s which show off other features which are apart of their “Nodes Efficiency Tools” set (found here)

I will add more to this post as time goes on.

For now I have started this thread to spark discussion & we can see where it goes from there :slight_smile:

Benjamin D. Smith

We are always thinking of ways to improve the tools :slight_smile: Thanks very much for the cool ideas. I think reroutes are an interesting idea, we have talked about them for a long time, I think someone here was interested in experimenting with them soon. Blueprints and Materials are closely related editors, but it’s not quite as easy as adding a feature once and having it work in both places.

That’s great to hear :smiley:

I also understand that this is no easy feat, due to it being a core part of the engine & a lot of dependencies being attached to both Blueprints & Materials, which would most likely create a hell of a lot of new bugs & as such progress on this subject would be somewhat slow & require multiple rounds of QA to pass quality benchmarks before release.

I might even get talking to an old colleague of mine who might be interested in collaborating on getting things off the ground faster as a forked repo :slight_smile:

It just all depends on what functionality would really be of need for the products we are working on & would merit focusing resources in that area. Rather then spending time on minor time savers at this point in time.

I will go over the Milestone Trello boards + forums to see what additional features we might look into developing both internally & for the community at large, to make it worth our while to also work on additional time saving node features as mentioned above :cool:

Feel free to check out my colleague Richard G Marcoux III aka Richmar1 aka 1Richmar’s work here on YouTube who for the last 6-8 months has been working on a standalone node based editor solution called Snapi

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