Additional audio output device


I`m currently working on a new plugin and part of its functionality is to be able to play sound to specific output device.
I have to say that my knowledge in Unreal engine features is limited and I get lost easily…

Windows platform is my main goal at the moment but would be happy to support MAC and Linux in the future.
From my investigation I see that Unreal is using Xaudio lib but so far I was unable to create additional source output.

Is there any easier way to add additional output device? or I need to continue investigating the Xaudio libs and make it work?
Also would be great if someone did something similar and can point me to the right direction.

A simple example for what I would like to achieve in the plugin: Being able to play 2d sound to the default output device (Like Unreal do today, no change here), and also a second sound file to different output device.
This way you could hear the 2d sound in headset but also configure additional (Could be different sound) to your PC speakers.

Any help or thinking would be appreciated.

Thank in advance,