Adding Widgets to Widgets

I know there are videos out there for this stuff. I ran across them a few times finding other stuff but when I specifically hunt for it I have no clue what to type.

It is pretty obvious what I am speaking of I think. When you have a widget up or umg or hud or ui, or gui whichever you choose. You click a button and another widget pops up in a specific area of the menu instead of just a new menu. The other widget or umg (ugm?) is at full-screen size by itself but resizes when it is put into the menu.

Does anyone know of a tutorial or video for this (I cannot think of the name to save my bloody life and trying to put any synonym for the above gives me nothing of what I want.)?

Sounds like you are after the ‘Widget Switcher’, take a look here:

Close but not quite it. Imagine you make two different widget/ui blueprints (sorry do not have unreal opened currently so names elude me. Plus I use a lot of programs memorizing every name is hard.) and you just want to place the 2nd one in x spot on the menu when a button is pressed. I swore I saw it in something like an RPG making tutorial or something. It bugs me I cannot recall what it was. It was a bit back. I sorta have an idea for how to do it how you would do a typical UI menu unparent, etc. However, in this scenario, you would not likely unparent (the first widget or the main one) and you would have the render widget thing render in a certain spot at x size I would presume but I am not entirely sure the route of doing it.

Thanks for trying to help, it will come in handy for something in the future. I forgot about the feature you shared. I easily forget a lot of things til I use them a thousand times.

This seems to work the issue is scaling and such.